Glenn Coldenhoff Makes The Best Of Bad Day At His Home GP At Valkenswaard

Glenn Coldenhoff of Standing Construct GASGAS Racing extracted the best from an unfavorable outing during his home GP at Valkenswaard. Coldenhoff had a good start in the first race, but crashed in the first lap when he collided with another rider. He was fifth at the time. After having to remount at the back of the pack, he rode at a punishing tempo for the whole race to recover to ninth.

In the second race, fortune again did not favor Coldenhoff. He crashed with Clement Desalle, and his legs were pinned between the wheel and swingarm of Desalle’s bike in a scary-looking scene. He sustained some burns to his leg, but did not let this deter him, again fighting his way forward. A seventh place finish under the circumstances was indeed commendable, and he was also seventh overall for the day.

Ivo Monticelli was in the vicinity of fifteenth place for the whole of the first race. After swapping positions, he indeed held onto fifteenth spot to the finish. His second race looked to hold much more promise, as he was circulating in fifth position. Alas, a heavy crash left him with an injured shoulder and he was forced to retire from the race.

The world championship series will continue in two weeks’time in Argentina.

Glenn Coldenhoff’s remarks: “Obviously, this is not what we would ideally have wanted, because I have faith in my fitness and speed, and think that given the right circumstances we could fight for the podium. Alas, it was to be different today. If you want to be on the podium, you have to be in the mix from the start, and today this was not the case. It is always tough when you don’t achieve results that you know you are capable of, but we keep working hard and I look forward to the next GP in Argentina.”


Ivo Monticelli said: “It was a better Grand Prix than the one in England, because at least this time I scored some points. Nonetheless, it was a difficult outing since I had a very hard crash in the second race. I again hurt my shoulder, and I just hope that it is not damaged too badly. I will work hard to be fit for the next GP.”

Results MXGP Valkenswaard:
1 Jeffrey Herlings 47 Pnt
2 Tim Gajser 47 Pnt
3 Arminas Jasikonis 40 Pnt
4 Antonio Cairoli 30 Pnt
5 Jeremy van Horebeek 28 Pnt
7 Glenn Coldenhoff 26 Pnt
20 Ivo Monticelli 6 Pnt

MXGP Championship standings:
1 Jeffrey Herlings 94 Pnt
2 Tim Gajser 85 Pnt
3 Antonio Cairoli 68 Pnt
4 Clement Desalle 60 Pnt
5 Gautier Paulin 58 Pnt
6 Glenn Coldenhoff 56 Pnt
23 Ivo Monticelli 6 Pnt

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